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Bombardier to pause business jet completions amid weak demand

Bombardier Inc (BBDb.TO) will halt completion work for its Global 5000 and 6000 business jets during certain periods in 2017, the manufacturer said on Thursday, amid ongoing softness in the market for corporate planes.
The furloughs at Bombardier's gl

Business Jet Deliveries Down 4.3% in H1/16 as Uncertainty Looms

The global business jet market, which traditionally has a strong correlation with global economic cycles, continues to face a challenging, complex and uncertain global macroeconomic environment.

What to Know About Investing in a Business-Aviation Program

Like most decision-makers today, automotive executives continuously are looking for ways to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Even in a world where technology keeps us more connected and informed than ever before, there is tremendous and arguably irreplaceable value in face-to-face time.


The General Aviation Manufacturers Association released aircraft shipment data covering the first half of the year on Aug. 5, with numbers down across the board, and pointed a finger at the U.S.

Fraud inquiry into Airbus aircraft sales

A criminal inquiry into alleged fraud, bribery and corruption in relation to commercial aircraft sales by Airbus has been instigated by the Serious Fraud Office.

The formal investigation comes after Airbus disclosed in April that it was in talks with the SFO over the use of third-party agents in aircr

Why block Boeing? Let the sale of American planes to Iran proceed

It is worth noting that the legi

Roskam makes the case for blocking aircraft sales to Iran

Rep. Peter Roskam, R-Ill., says the U.S.

Boeing lays emphasis on Indian aviation market for new aircraft sales

According to the latest Current Market Outlook (CMO) produced by US manufacturing giant Boeing and as revealed in a briefing on 19 July, its experts are predicting that India will require 1,850 new aircraft to be delivered over the course of the next 20 years. Those purchases would be valued at around

Civilian Aircraft Sales To Iran Blocked By House, Costing Boeing $25bn Deal

In a move that threatens to cost major US airplane manufacturer Boeing $25 billion, the House of Representatives has tacked an amendment on to their latest spending bill which would ban all civilian aircraft sales to Iran under any circumstances.
Though the Congressmen pushing the bill presenting it as aimed at presentin

Outlook gloomy for sales of business jets

Record production backlogs for airliners are buoying the global aviation industry, but the mood is bound to be more sombre among business jet manufacturers attending the year’s biggest international air show this week.

Orders for corporate aircraft have been depressed for ye