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Cameroon Airlines acquired Chinese aircraft Xian MA 60

Xian MA60 is a deep modernization of the Soviet AN-24. January 24, the first commercial flight of the Chinese turboprop passenger plane Xian MA60, owned Cameroon Airlines.

Iran wants to buy at least 200 aircraft BOEING AND AIRBUS

According to him, Tehran next week to sign an agreement for the purchase of France 114 passenger aircraft Airbus. The implementation of this program became apparent after the recent cancellation of international sanctions against Iran.

Iran is ready to buy more than a hundred of Airbus aircraft

All the necessary documents for the purchase of more than 100 aircraft will be signed between Airbus and Iran Air by the end of the month - said Ahmad Akhund, who served as minister of transport system of Iran.

U.S. Commerce Department Prevents Aircraft Sales to Iran

The US Department of Commerce showed, less than a week after the Iran nuclear agreement was implemented, how it will remain on the beat enforcing existing sanctions compliance obligations.
Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security, which develops US export-control policy, said in a statement that it

During the year, sales rose by aircraft Fokker 67%

The company Fokker Services, part of the structure of Fokker Technologies (and owned by the British GKN Aerospace), in 2015 acted as an intermediary in the sale of 50 aircraft Fokker (not manufactured since 1996), which is 66.7% more than the year before (30 boards ).

US President Barack Obama canceled a 10-year ban on the sale of civil aircraft to Iran.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said earlier on Saturday that sanctions imposed on his country's nuclear program, will be lifted on Saturday.On the day of execution (Implementation Day) the IAEA will have to demonstrate compliance with the provisions of the nuclear agreement.

British Airways may be to buy eight of used Airbus A380 aircraft

The company British Airways, part of IAG aviaholdinga considering buying eight of used aircraft Airbus A380, according to The Wall Street Journal citing a statement of the general director of IAG Willie Walsh.
Walsh explained the purchase of of used air

Bombardier restructures the sales of business jets

Bombardier Business Aircraft continues to restructure and strengthen its business model in order to improve long-term profitability.

Bombardier refused sales of business jets through intermediaries

Bombardier Business Aircraft - Canadian division of Bombardier for the production of business aircraft - in the framework of the restructuring and work to improve the business model has decided to abandon the dealer network.

During the 2015 Dassault Aviation halved sales of business jets

French aircraft manufacturer Dassault Aviation in 2015 halved the sales of business jets, compared with 2014, according to the preliminary financial statements of the company last year, it received an order for 45 aircraft Falcon 2000S / LXS, 90