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Deliveries of business jets have increased

Association of manufacturers of general aviation (GAMA) released the results of the industry in the first nine months of 2015. According to the report Association, during the first three quarters of this year, deliveries of general aviation aircraft decreased by 6.5% since 1665 aircraft in 2014 to 1558 - in 2015.

On the large business jet demand falls

According to bank UBS, the September 2015 worldwide inventory in the secondary market of business aviation increased by one percent.

Why China is building a large aircraft?

November 2 in operation entered China developed a large commercial airliner C919, which again attracted the attention of the whole world.

Airbus sold 130 aircraft to China

China bought from European aircraft of Airbus 130 aircraft. This is the company reported Thursday.
The Chinese side will receive 30 "family liners' A330 and 100" family aircraft, "A320.

TAG Aviation announced a partnership with Bromma Business Jet

TAG Aviation Europe (European division TAG Aviation Group) announced an exclusive contract with the Swedish business operator Bromma Business Jet. The agreement involves the sale of two aircraft charters to Swedish companies that are now available to customers TAG Aviation Europe.

Iran is negotiating the purchase of passenger aircraft with the representatives of the two countries

Iran is in the process of negotiations for the purchase of passenger aircraft with the representatives of the six countries, including Russia.

Iran bought the 13 Boeing 737

Iran bought 13 planes Boeing 737. This was announced on Sunday television channel Press TV.
"The Iranian airline purchased 13 single-aisle Boeing 737 aircraft to replenish its fleet of civil aviation, - said the TV channel.

Great prospects of small business jets

According to the analytical report submitted by the consulting agency Brian Foley, 2016 would be more promising for manufacturers of small business jets, while demand for super-medium and large private jets will inevitably decline. "Until recently, sales of large business jets from companies Bombardie

Aviation Week predicts the volume of demand in the 13,000 business jets up to 2025

Experts portal Aviation Week published a forecast of the market situation sales of business jets and turboprop aircraft in the period from 2016 to 2025.