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Eclipse Aerospace informs the second European technical center

Eclipse Aerospace approved the company General Enterprises, based at the airport Groningen, the Netherlands, the "gold" service center.

Aerion AS2 SBJ - new leap over the barrier speed of sound?

A couple of decades ago, humanity has come to realize that it is time to turn off the race speeds, it is time to save and develop a rational airplanes, which is characterized by simplicity of piloting, pilots and passengers the comfort and low fuel consumption.

Cessna flew the serial Citation CJ3+

July 28, 2014 the company Cessna Aircraft (part of Textron Aviation) made ​​its first flight on a production instance of an updated version of a business jet Citation CJ3 +.

The testing of aircraft Cessna Latitude go at full speed

Cessna Aircraft reports on accession to the flight test program of the second prototype of the newest business jet Citation Latitude, which first flew on July 25, 2014. Aircraft tail number 002 held in the air a little less than three hours, maximum speed of Mach 0.80.

Company Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company Aircraft Industries (Kunowice, Czech Republic) to increase aircraft production to 2016 more than 43%.

Company Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company Aircraft Industries (Kunowice, Czech Republic) to increase aircraft production to 2016 more than 43%. 
As reported in an interview with Itar-Tass head of the special legal projects UMMC-Holding, Board Member Aircraft Industries Azerny Timur, in 2013 the Cze

In China growing demand for business jets

When a Chinese client asked for his interior "Bombardier" black carbon fiber, the designer was shocked, but pleased. "We'll do whatever you want, if it is within the certification," - says Sean Gillespie, executive vice president of sales for aviation services Flying Colours.

Evektor plans to create amphibious version of the EV-55

After entering the EV-55 commissioned Czech aircraft manufacturer ANI holding Evektor, intends to develop on the basis of his flying boat.

Break the business relationship between Ukrainian factory "Motor-Sich" and Russia will lead to serious problems


Ukraine announced plans to cut military-technical cooperation with Russia. A big role in this play Zaporozhye company "Motor Sich", specializing in the production of aircraft engines.

Ukrainian President Peter Poroshenko imposed a ban on cooperation with Russia in the military sphere

With such a presentation by First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Yarema. The Russian side has commented on such statements.

Falcon 8X almost ready for ground tests

Construction of a new long-distance business jet Dassault Falcon 8X almost completed.