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Diamond Aircraft will equip new aircraft engine Ukrainian

Austrian Diamond Aircraft has begun to assemble a new multipurpose single engine aircraft Dart 450. According to the publication Flightglobal, the first prototype will be installed AI-450 production Ukrainian companies "Motor Sich" and "Ivchenko-Progress".

Owners of private jets are actively helping Ukrainian border guards


Recently, one of the volunteers on a private jet conducted monitoring section of the state border in the area of responsibility of the Zhytomyr border detachment.

Embraer is strengthened in China

Brazilian aircraft builder Embraer signed a memorandum of understanding with Chinese leasing company Minsheng Financial Leasing, a subsidiary of China Banking Corporation "Minshen" (China Minsheng Banking Corporation Ltd).

Japanese new regional jet


On his plans to enter the market of regional jets, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries said five years ago.

Piaggio until you do business jet

Piaggio Aero does not exclude the possibility of adding to its product line business jet, but no definite decision to launch a new program is unlikely to be made until 2017.
Carlo Loli appo

Cessna Aircraft assembly line launches Latitude

Cessna Aircraft Company announced the full cycle of the assembly medium business jet Citation Latitude at its production facility in Wichita, Kansas.

European market lags behind the U.S. market


Restoring European business aviation market behind the U.S. market for 12-18 months, said Chad Anderson, president of Jetcraft, broker sales business jets.

Not offshore aircraft business aviation in Russia

Now the Russian government is currently implementing a series of measures aimed at stimulating growth and deofshorizatsiyu Russian economy.



Business aviation center "Avkom-D", based in Moscow Domodedovo Airport and occupies a leading position in the servicing of passengers and vessels of business aviation, announces the change of ownership.

Boeing Business Jets got a second in 2014 on the order BBJ 777-300 ER

Company Boeing Business Jets, which is a specialized unit for the production of business jets corporation Boeing, acknowledged receipt of the second order in 2014 on wide-body aircraft BBJ 777-300ER.