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Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet Aircraft Sales

The Boeing 747, which is often referred to Jabmi Jet 747, or just the world's first wide-body long-haul passenger airliner. The first flight took place in 1969, at the time this aircraft is the largest, heaviest and spacious airliner and a reputation he gained 37 years before the A380, which made its first flight in 2005. 747 endowed with double-deck layout, the upper deck is much shorter than the bottom. With such a large size and distinctive "hump" model made it one of the most recognizable in the world. And reviews of the Boeing 747 have always been only positive, because nowhere else you will not get much comfort for such a reasonable price.
Currently in the world there are a large number of options 747, most of which can fly at a relatively long distance. Also, the branch developed so that in addition to the main popular are also different versions of the aircraft.
If we consider the scheme 747 200, which was first introduced in 1971 and gradually perfected, then the original model it has a more powerful engine and increased take-off weight. With this modification was able to significantly increase the range. Shop Boeing 747 200 looked so that the first airliners this model had three portholes on the upper deck, but soon Boeing renounced such a scheme, and began to build airplanes desyatiillyuminatornoy deck.
Driving Boeing 747 300 was originally designed so that the planned establishment of a three-engine version of the Boeing 747SP, but this plan fairly quickly abandoned due to the low demand for this model. As a result, Boeing 747 300 appeared only in 1980, and different from the enlarged upper deck, which greatly affected the capacity, the company has created several versions of the aircraft - Utility and short-haul. It should be noted that the distinctive feature of the model was the direct staircase that connects the upper and lower decks, as on earlier models set spiral.
For scheme 747 400 at the moment the airplane is one of the newest and most popular models in the series, and the aircraft made so far. A distinctive feature is the fact that this model was added to the ending vertical wings, in addition has been improved cabin crew, it established a new avionics, which is why there is no need in the flight engineer. Also, as additional components were set fuel tanks in the rear and improved engines. I would like to note that the interior of Boeing 747 400 has high degree of comfort. Driving cabin 747 400 Provision accommodate up to 594 passengers in a two-year option and up to 853 passengers in a odnoklassovom version.
Looking at the photo 747 can hardly distinguish different versions, so if you are interested in the aircraft suggest you contact the staff of our company.

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